Saturday, 8 August 2015

August News

News from CANA and World from our Regional Delegate

  • Canadian Convention (CCNA) is in Halifax, N.S. from November 6-8
  • Tradition 7-12 of the new Tradition Workbook is ready for review at
  • The World membership is available for completion at
  • The Living Clean book is being translated into Farsi
  • The Step Working Guide is available in digital format on all major eBook platforms
  • More NAWS news
ORCNA XXVII (28) in Ottawa was a success
  • Profit $18,640.28
  • 856 paid registration, 69 hardship packages - 925 registrations
  • When ordering tri-plate medallions or any other specialty items, there is a 6-8 week delivery date.
  • The Regional Literature coordinator usually stocks tri-plate medallions from 1 to 5 years so this delivery date is shorter
  • If our Literature chair contacts the Regional Literature coordinator in advance of a specialty order, the delivery time could be shorten to 4 - 5 weeks depending on timing.
TACNA 9 is looking for Service workshop proposal
Marc S.

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