Saturday, 12 September 2015

September News

Bids for ORCNA XXX
  • Two bids have come in; one from the Toronto area and one from the Greater London area.
    • Neither bid is perfect and each has it’s pros and cons. It will be a close decision at the October Regional meeting.
    • Let me know if you’d like to see a copy of the bids

Region contributed $3,148.86 above it’s prudent reserve to the service structure
  • $1,000 to CANA
  • $2,148.86 to NAWS

Regional minutes mailout will be reduced.
  • The business record of Regional minutes will be mailed out to each area and service officer, but all reports will only be emailed.

Regional Outreach startup kit
  • The kit has been increased from the standard kit from NAWS literature to $70.
  • This is for new groups in Northern Outreach where areas do not provide new group packages. Our area wouldn’t qualify since we provide new group starter packages.

Tradition Book project
  • Traditions Seven to Ten feedback due by August 31
  • Traditions Eleven, Twelve due Sept. 30

Available in E version
  • NA Meeting Finder and JFT mobile app
  • eBooks
    • Basic Text
    • It Works: How and Why
    • Sponsorship
    • Living Clean: The Journey Continues
    • Step Working Guide

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