Saturday, 3 October 2015

October News

Some news from NAWS

  • The Planning our Future workgroup has information on the Role of Zones workshop; It is available at
  • The Service System Project held two web meetings to provide an overview of the project ideas and to discuss local implementation efforts, and are planning to hold more. They are also planning to post locally developed tools and material from the webinars online at
  • Service Pamphlets: We are highlighting this valuable resource for groups and members—available online here:

Group Service Forums

  • Some of you may have heard about these in the last Conference Agenda Report. These Group Service Forums are designed to be meetings for area members instead of area or as well as area meetings.
  • They are intended to discuss matters that all groups face and allows for longer discussion of topics.
  • The Hamilton Area is having them and Toronto has had a few and is considering how to best proceed with these.
  • I will be talking more about these in the upcoming months to see if there is a need for area to foster discussions on service topics that are of interest to all members in this area.

More next month as I’ll be attending Region on October 18.


Marc S.


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