Saturday, 14 November 2015

November News

October 18 Regional Meeting Highlights

  • Regional Treasury
    • Recommended donation of $4,500 (Split $3,000 to NAWS and $1,500 to CANA)
    • Some large bills are coming up for Insurance, Meeting space, storage
    • Budget tabled. Area conscience required. Vote at Regional meeting in January
  • Conference Agenda Report (CAR)
    • These are the motions and topics that are up for discussion at the next World Service Conference.
    • Available for download from at the end of November.
    • We have a chance to give our input and vote on these.
    • Some workshops are being planned around the province, and we can have one in our area.
    • One of the items is the new Tradition Workbook
  • Roving Regional Meeting
    • Every year Region selects to have it's July meeting in another area.
    • July 2016 meeting will be in Hamilton
  • ORCNA XXX (in 2017)
    • London withdrew it's bid
    • Toronto was selected for ORCNA XXX (30)

Some other news

  • ORCNA X1X (29)
  • Contributions to NAWS was over $1M for the first time in our history
  • Please order literature through the service structure
    • Although it is possible to order directly from WSO, it is not cost effective.
    • Yes your group saves money, but then it costs the fellowship as a whole more than you are saving.
    • I won't bore you with the math, but it's true; I did the math.

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