Saturday, 12 December 2015

December News

December News

Recent news from Region

  • News from CANA meetings which were held Nov. 2 - 7
    • Suggested addition to Vision Statement: "When every member, inspired by the gift of recovery, experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment through service.” 
    • New guidelines were approved for CANA
    • A new logo was approved for CANA
    • Public Service Announcement (PSA)
      • CANA purchased 250 spots on Global TV to be aired from May 30 – August 28, 2016. Ontario will see 50 of these late at night.
      • APTN Network will be airing the "Diverse People" PSA
    • Meeting list will be removed from CANA site. They will use database. This means that our meeting list is no longer synced with CANA, but we are up-to-date with
    • CCNA - Halifax was a success. Expect $10,000-$12,000 profit.
  • The Conference Agenda Report (CAR) is out for review. Get the whole report or read this brief.
  • Get 40% off next year's CANA in Mississauga by registering before the early bird deadline of Dec. 31.
  • Reminder that early registration forms to ORCNA XXIX at Blue Mountain includes an order for limited edition merchandise.

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