Saturday, 20 February 2016

February 2016

  • Highlights from January 2016 Regional Meeting
    • Insurance policy renews on Feb. 5, Regional Chair will email a copy to all areas when renewed.
    • March 12 - ORCNA XIX kickoff in Georgian Heartland area.
    • ORCNA XXX was switched due to cost of convention at Toronto Downtown Marriott. It will now be at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga.
    • There is some new literature available including a 7th Tradition box.
    • $2,500 donated to NAWS and $2,500 to CANA
    • Their will no longer be printing of the Regional Meeting List saving the Region $1,000 per year. The meeting list is obsolete as soon as it is printed and the Regional website database might serve our fellowship in a more accurate way.
    • An electronic business meeting policy was implemented at Region for both the Regional committee and ORCNA.
  • Literature costs are likely to go up after April’s World Service Conference (WSC).
    • NAWS is currently losing money due to the low Canadian dollar on the sale of all literature. The rate we are charged is decided upon every two years at the WSC and the last time this was decided on our dollar was nearly at par with the US dollar. As you know, this is no longer the case, so at the next WSC, they will likely decided to increase our literature rates.
    • Groups might want to stock up before April or consider not doing so as a “donation” to NAWS.
  • The Conference Agenda Report (CAR) is out for review. Get the whole report or read this brief.  Our area will be having a CAR workshop:
    February 27
    First United Church
    16 William St. W.
    (back door entrance)  
    1 pm -3 pm
    • Feel free to post questions about the CAR on my blog
    • There is also a literature survey where we are invited to give input to the WSC about projects for the next two years. A link to the survey is on our website under Service.
    • As requested, I’ve also put up an electronic Tally Sheet for those wishing to vote on the CAR motions.
    • Lastly, I have copies of the Tally Sheet and Literature Survey for GSR’s today. When returning them to me, please indicate if this was a “group” vote or an individual vote.

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