Saturday, 12 March 2016

March 2016 RCM News

  • Conference Agenda Report (CAR)
    • Tally Sheets and Survey were shared with all GSR's at February's Area meeting and at the CAR workshop. You can also access the Tally Sheet and the survey online at
    • Please return tally sheets and surveys to me by the April 9th area meeting.
  • Regional meeting lists are still going to be printed
    • I made an error in my report last month. Regional Meeting lists will still be printed.
  • Consider subscribing to some e-Newsletters
    • Find out all that is happening with NA around the world but subscribing to some e-Newsletters from NAWS.
    • You can subscribe to the NA Way Magazine, JFT daily email, NAWS news, NAWS Updates, and more at
  • Some smartphone apps to consider
    • Get the NA Meeting Finder from Android, Amazon, or iOS
    • Get the NA Recovery Companion app from Android, Amazon, or iOS.

Marc S.

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