Saturday, 11 June 2016

June RCM News

News from RCM
  • Please remember to get group conscience on the changes to CANA's Vision Statement
    • The change results in adding the following bullet to the Vision Statement: "When every member, inspire by the gift of recovery, experiences spiritual growth and fulfilment through service."
  • Region contributed $3,855.06 to the service structure.
    • 50% to NAWS and 50% to CANA
  • Region is looking into having a two-day January meeting every two years
    • During World Service Conference Year to help inform fellowship on Conference Agenda Report
    • Chair is investigating financial cost of this two-day meeting and other possible repercussions
  • Watch Global TV in June to see our PSA's
    • Ad time has been purchased by CANA
    • Look for spots between 10:50 pm to 5 am between June 6 to July 4
  • Plan to attend the Canadian Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (CCNA)
  • Regional Roving meeting in July
    • Attend some workshops on the Saturday
    • Regional Meeting on Sunday
    • In Hamilton at the Residence & Conference Centre (Mohawk College)

Marc S.

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