Saturday, 5 November 2016

November 2016 RCM News

Lots to report this month following the Regional Meeting in October.

  • CANA
    • Speaker recordings that were purchased at CCNA XXV are now available for download and purchase at
    • $12,000 was donated from CANA to NAWS (which is down from $25,000 last year).
    • CCNA XXVI has not been selected yet. Hoping for Calgary. MWBR.
    • CANA will be extended by one day to help service officers complete their business
    • Looking into getting a standardized form for all NA volunteers at Federal Facilities (Corrections Canada) and getting clearance for members at more than one facility.
    • English PSA's were a success. Looking to do more this year.
    • PR is looking at building a relationship with the RCMP to offer NA as a viable program and resource in communities.
  • NAWS
    • Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions is available for purchase. Look for it on your Literature order form.
    • Literature Project: an IP on recovery and mental illness
      • Questions for you to answer to help frame project plan available at Deadline is June 1, 2017
    • Literature Project: Meditation Book
      • Questions for you to answer to help frame project plan available at Deadline is June 1, 2017
    • PR Pamphlet: We have just published a pamphlet for use in public relations service work titled "Narcotics Anonymous and Persons Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment". This pamphlet is intended for professionals who prescribe medication to treat drug addiction. We have posted it online at and, by the end of November, copies will be available for order from NA World Services as well.
    • Issue Discussion Topics: The Issue Discussion Topics for the cycle are: Introduction to Guiding Principles, Atmosphere of Recovery in Service, and Applying Our Principles to Technology and Social Media. Workshop outlines, PowerPoints, and handouts for the IDTs are all posted at If you put on a workshop locally, don't forget to send us the input. The input helps us better understand local needs and concerns. We summarize what we've heard in the Conference Report each cycle.
    • Contributions are up. For the first time in years, contributions are up in 7th Tradition compared to literature sales. Last year it was 9% contributions and 91% Literature. This year it's at 13% contributions and 87% Literature
    • ORCNA XXIX saw only $7,000 in profit ($15,000 was projected)
      • Costs continue to rise for rooms, AV equipment, set-up, ect. while Hotels are not as desperate for our business like they used to be.
      • Registration costs will be rising for the first time in 10 years.
    • ORCNA XXX - We need an Area Service Core Rep from this area on this committee. Anyone interested?
    • Fundraising for ORCNA XXX: Are we interested in hosting a fundraising event.
  • Regional Business
    • Region is looking into to hire a lawyer to look into whether or not to register Ontario Region with Canada Revenue. This item requires area conscience.
    • GoTO Meeting Package ($350 annually) was approved for purchase. This Online meeting platform will allow ORCNA and Region to conduct business meetings online and reduce the cost of travel.
    • Region reminds us to be proactive during the holiday season an ensure that meetings that are shut down for the holidays or open for the holidays be announced.
    • The July roving Regional meeting will be in North Bay this year.
    • Regional Budget is to be voted on in January
    • Elections in January: Alt. Secretary (3 years), Outreach Coordinator (4 years), ORCC (6 years)

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