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January 2018 RCM Blog

Hi everyone,
First allow me to apologize for not keeping up the blog begun by my better organized predecessor up to date. I was a bit overwhelmed with personal stuff throughout the fall and will try to blog more regularly through 2018. 


One exciting upcoming event in April of 2018 is the World Service Conference. This biannual meeting is where regional representatives  (Regional Delegates and Alternate Delegates) meet together with the World Board to discuss issues  affecting this world-wide fellowship. The full Conference Agenda Report (CAR) came out in November and is available here: https://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/conference/CAR/CAR2018_Web.pdf

The CAR lays out 25 motions submitted from regions all over the world that will be discussed at the Conference, as well as some background information on the motions and the World Board’s position on each of them, where they have one. The manner that the Ontario Regional body has decided to collect regional  conscience on these motions is one vote per area per motion, brought to the April Regional meeting. The Golden Triangle Area has decided that it will collect area conscience in much the same way: one vote per group per motion. Groups will decide how they will collect group conscience within the group. Groups may decide to collect conscience from their members on each of the motions or may give their GSR the authority to vote on behalf of the group. The Golden Triangle Area  will collect conscience at the April Area meeting in order to give groups time to first decide how they will collect group conscience and to do so.   

Marc S., the Alternate Delegate and I will be putting on a CAR workshop in our area in order to help people get a better understanding of the motions and the process. We strongly encourage members to attend and at the very least, to send their GSR or other member to carry the information back to their group. We are looking at the beginning of March - likely March 4th for the workshop. We are just in the process of firming up the location. More information on this to follow. Look out for this on the gtascna.org website.   There are also informational videos explaining the motions available here: https://www.na.org/?ID=wsc2018-vids

In addition to the motions in the the CAR the Conference is also looking at input from the fellowship about what new literature and service material people would like to see developed, as well as input on topics they would like to see discussed and workshopped. Individual members can give their input on literature and discussion topics by filling out the online survey found here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/car18surv
This on line survey will be available until March 15.  A .pdf version of the questionnaire is also available (with the CAR motions) here: https://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/conference/CAR/CAR2018_TallySheet.pdf . Copies of this document have also been sent out to GSRs. You can print it and have copies available at your groups for people to complete before the March Area meeting. If you bring completed surveys to the March meeting,  I will make sure they are included. Remember though, that for the motions, the area has decided that it will be one vote per motion per group, so groups will have to determine how to collect group conscience.



February 16th – 18th, 2018
Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel
Toronto, Ontario Canada



May, 18th-20th, 2018

Blue Mountain Resorts
110 Jozo Weider Blvd.
Blue Mountain, Ontario L9Y 3Z2
(705) 445-0231

Accommodation booking available now at convention rates.

Service positions available and if you would like to be a workshop speaker, follow the link above to the convention website to find out how and where to submit your recording.


The Magic Is Still Real 
30 August through 2 September 2018
Orlando, FL, USA 




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